Thursday, December 01, 2005

Social Software Usage to Boom with Flock Browser

There's nothing better than having all your bookmarks, blogging, flickr photos, and Firefox conveniently packaged all in one place. Well, now, thanks to the new FLOCK browser, you can have all this and much more. Here are the goods:

  • Online bookmarking, so you can access all your bookmarked sites from virtually anywhere share them with everyone around the world
  • Tagging: jumping onto the folksonomy bandwagon, Flock adds' tagging capability so that you can categorize sites as you would blog posts
  • Flickr: in a convenient hideable dock at the top of your window, you can preview your and other users' flickr photos with a single click of your mouse.
  • Blogging: also in that dock you've got your blog editor, you can quickly log into your blog and start blogging right away. Plus, with the useful Drag-and-drop feature, blogging it is even easier. Also, an added bonus for Blogger users: Flock's blog posting automatically notifies Technorati and allows you to specify tags your post would fall under, which is something blogger never let you do before.
  • Multiple bookmarks bars: Now, you're not just stuck with one bookmarks toolbar. by making "collections" of bookmarks, you can create custom toolbars to fit your needs. Have
  • And, my favourite of all, Firefox!: Since Flock uses the same source code as the Mozilla Firefox browser, it is compatible with many of its themes and extensions, as well as providing the great browsing experience you'd get if you were actually using Firefox
  • Improved RSS reader: As opposed to Firefox's drop-down Rss, Flock sports a much more elegant RSS reader, comparable to that of Apple's Safari browser.

I tell ya, you gotta love open source :)

Definitely, Flock is a social browser that is sure to last, just as soon as it comes out of beta and all its bugs fixed (the public release is expected to come out by the end of the month), but i don't mind using the pre-release version. It's still great!

So, you ready? Download Flock and make your web experience even better. Enjoy!

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