Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Creativity Blog is Live

I didn't want to post this until I had some content posted up yet, but I guess it'll survive, plus I'll also be posting in it more often so it's a good idea to put it out in the open where everyone can see it.

So, as part of my Exploring Creativity course, I am required to keep a creativity journal. This journal can be anything, from a composition book to a 3-ring binder to a pad of post-it notes. However I've decided to use a blog as my record of ideas and inspiration, mainly for two reasons: firstly, I'm almost always near a computer, which makes posting my thoughts easily accessible; and secondly, the internet is such a great medium. It's so rich and free, and it in itself is a byproduct of creativity, so why not?

You can find my creativity journal at http://creativityblog.wordpress.com. I've decided to use Wordpress because it's a lot cleaner in terms of templates, navigation, etc., and I like its overall structure. Sure I can't hack the template or anything (yet), but I'd say it serves its purpose, so why bother? Don't fix what ain't broken. ...If I gets any better over there I may even have to move this blog over there. It's a lot nicer over there, and since Blogger's a novice's tool (no offense) and doesn't really offer that many features, I'm sort of considering it, but not until they let me hack the template ;p (or some other really good reason), but I still think Movable Type's the best out of all of them since it's the most versatile and hackable.

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