Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"We're Off to see the Wizard, The wonderful of GTD!"

I know Merlin Mann probably hates it when people compare him to the great wizard Merlin (not to mention improperly combining movie references with ancient wizardry), but I just can't help the fact that in a matter of hours, I will meet Merlin, along with Amber MacArthur and podcast-of -the-year winner Leo Laporte, and GeekBrief's Cali Lewis & Neal Campbell who're all getting together tonight @ 6:30 at No Regrets to record a special live episode of Inside the Net.

My only concern is that I don't know what to get for him. At first I thought I'd get a Moleskine, but that seemed too ordinary for someone like Merlin. There's gotta be something better... Well, I've got a couple hours until it starts. Hopefully by then I'll come up with something. Merlin, if you're reading this and you've got a suggestion, feel free to help me out in the ideas department. Thanks.

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