Thursday, June 08, 2006

Podcasting School

New Summer Courses at Centennial College If you're interested in starting a podcast but not quite sure how to do it, Centennial College's Centre for Creative Communications is offering two week-long workshops, Podcasting: Beyond Browsing and Podcasting in Business. If you live in Toronto, this is definitely something you should check out.

On a related note, Centennial College also has a podcast they run. They've got great coverage of this year's Hotdocs festival. Go have a look! You can subscribe to the video feed that's chock full of great footage (iTunes) or just the audio version if you feel like it (iTunes).

As it turns out, I may be the one redesigning their site (it could use an update). However, I've already got a lot on my plate (manco, userlab, odsp action, ToRCHI, [the accordion guy podcast], not to mention my own portfolio site) so I may be pushing it just a bit. At least I'm keeping busy :)

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