Friday, July 28, 2006


Apperently this blog seems to has fallen off of Google's radar. As far as I can remember, I didn't set my robots meta tag to noindex, so I guess Google doesn't think this page is important anymore. To compensate, I shall be posting more entries later on today, as well as investigating this peculiar situation...

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Chris said...

In case you haven't come across it yet, check out Matt Cutts blog as he's a google employee which deals with googlespam.

Having your blog @ Blogger has probably made it get caught up in one of the sweeps they do regularily to filter out all the spam that originates here.

Gabriel said...

Thanks for the feedback, Chris. I also meant to post that the day after I posted that entry everything seemed to be back to normal, so it also may have been my infrequent posting schedule, or possibly just got missed by google by fluke.