Friday, August 04, 2006

Does it count as Web 2.0?

I've been doing a bit of thinking, and I was wondering, is it still Web 2.0 if a web app doesn't use Ajax or Rails or XmlHTTPRequests? I mean, Goowy is entirely flash-based, and it's still considered Web 2.0, right? So what's the big deal about making a "Web 2.0" app that's built on a different platform? If I were to build a web app made entirely with flash, but still had the underlying principles of Web 2.0 (social aspects, tagging, etc.), is still classified as Web 2.0 even though technically it isn't? Kevin Kynch says Flash in your friend in web 2.0, but it seems he refers to when it's integrated as elements of web pages (like in Flickr and MeasureMap) as opposed to being used exclusively. It's things like this that boggle the mind. Have we developed a Web 2.0 prejudice, where we only accept apps as Web 2.0 that use cool Ajaxy effects.

Or, maybe, I'm just imagining all this and it only exists in my head.

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Chris said...

It shouldn't matter at all what the technology used is. It's the concepts and attitude. At least it should be ;-)

Dan Zen said...

Right - concept and attitude - social aspects. Ajax is more about bringing continuity (not going from page to page) to HTML which Flash has had from the start and is doing even more of with sliding sites:

I was trying to push it as Web 3.0 - we'll see ;-)