Friday, January 12, 2007

And another thing

And not to mention I've got to get my site's Unfailed Redesign launched before then. I've made a such mess of Doug Bowman's elegant designs & code. I should probably choose a new template so I can stop worrying about how many validation errors this site's got for now, even if it'll destroy all the hacks code injections superfluous crap customizations I've added. Luckily, Drupal 5 RC 2 was just announced, and as the final release date for Drupal 5.0 draws nearer and nearer, so does the day my new site will be launched. I'm working on it, along with a bevy of other things. It will come, soon enough.

Update: Well, I tried upgrading my blogger template to the new version, but upon passing it through the validator, it had 901 validation errors, a lot of them being false positives on the validator's part (it recognized Blogger's proprietary <Variable> tag when it was contained within CSS comments), and others being bad template coding decisions that have no clear way of modifying in the new template HTML editor (such as wrapping an extra paragraph tag around each blog post). Even though some template-updating features have been added to improve workflow, I think I'll stick with my old template for now until I finally migrate over (soon, I promise).

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