Thursday, January 11, 2007

Lost iPod :(

I really wish I hadn't left my iPod by that computer in Room 243 earlier today between 1:25 PM and 2:00 PM GMT-05:00. If it hadn't been for me suddenly remembering to print that that 278-page 'CSS Hacks' e-book, I would've never gotten into this mess.

The fact that I've just lost a $250+ piece of electronic equipment isn't what's even bugging me the most; it's the fact that someone would actually Steal something that wasn't theirs to begin with. (Of course, it's not unlikely to imagine what a typical college student would do in that situation. Have these people no morals?)

'sad nano' taken by el frijole

Then again, that e-book I had printed wasn't exactly acquired lawfully. I've been known to use peer-to-peer software occasionally to acquire digital files, but that's not the same: digital files are easily reproduceable and the previous owner still has his orginal copy. And unless I had a molecular assembler, this isn't the case and now I don't have my iPod anymore. :'(. (As a result of this I've put a hold on using any P2P software on my computer.)

(I really should be more responsible with my valuables. Last year I lost a USB drive the same way.)

I really want my iPod back. Fortunately, most of my data on there is safe. All my music is in my iTunes Library, so I'm not so worried about that, and I can live with someone else knowing what my Calendars hold; as for my Notes, some of them had personal information of a friend, but knowing her and how open she is, I'm sure she wouldn't mind too much about it.

I've got bits and pieces backed up, as I've synced most of the older folders on there with my iMac individually, so I don't know exactly what I do or don't have copies of, and since I haven't used my nano to store any new files for the past couple months, I'm fairly confident in assuming that all I'm missing is maybe 5 or 10 files (possibly crucial; I haven't yet been able to recall what they were, hopefully nothing too important), plus the work I did today. It also had the Photoshop mockups of my site's new design (backed-up, thankfully), and a 2x5 sheet of my business cards, so that should provide him with my contact info and the ability to contact me.

I had my folder of unfinished, unpublished blog posts on there, too, as well as some other personal documents that I'd prefer others not to read, but I guess by having personal data on it (and assuming the looter goes through my files), he would be able to identify who originally owned this iPod, and make an effort to reunite the device with its rightful owner.

Advice on safeguarding your iPod from theft / how to increase the chances of getting it back:

  1. As a future precaution, I'm putting an 'OWNER'S CONTACT INFO' file with my phone number and email address onto each of my portable storage devices. I just hope the perp doesn't format it :( (when I left it, it was plugged into the computer via its USB cable, and that was gone when I came back for it, so he could potentially do anything with it).
  2. Register your iPod with Apple. Theoretically, if you've registered your iPod, Apple should be able to detect when the device connects to iTunes, along with the host computer's IP address and other potentially valuable information. If the perp signs into the iTunes Store with their Apple ID, then it is possible to cross-reference the IP addresses and match the Account Holder's name. (Although I'm not sure how helpful Apple would be in helping you recover your iPod; they'd want to get you to buy a new one instead. Their web site sure isn't any help.)
  3. My Apple ID and name are both stored in all files I've downloaded from the iTunes Store, as is everyone else's, respectively. The thief may try to play the songs on his home computer, but won't be able to because of FairPlay, and will most likely delete these files. Let's hope that doesn't happen, as this is one way that I'd be able to identify my iPod.

This loss has caused me to become very distraught and upset. I used to take my iPod wherever I went, listening to music while waiting for the bus or on the (often hour-plus) subway rides home. It even helped me out in a couple of times with its Notes on keeping track of locations of events when I had forgotten the addresses, and allowing me to remember the name of a specific product I wanted to buy from a certain chocolatier as a gift for someone's birthday. But now, I can't do any of that anymore. I just hope whoever picked it up has enough moral sense to turn it in.

I did have a folder with the same name as my domain, however, so if the thief is curious enough to try and access my site, he (or she) may be reading this right now. Improbable, but possible.

So, if you were the one who unplugged a black 2GB iPod Nano from the computer in Room 243 on Thursday, January 11, 2006 between 1:20PM and 2:00PM, i urge you to contact me at gabrielmansour[AT]gmail[DOT]com or turn it in at the security desk. I just want my iPod back. Is that too much to ask?

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Anonymous said...

I have lost my ipod nano. I was Furious!!!! I have 2 year warrenty contract- does that cover for lost or stolen ipods? I am so sad. I really want it back. I know how you feel. Now I have to raise money for it. I am so sad. Please, help me figure out how i can get a new ipod, because i know i have to kiss that ipod goodbye. Reply this comment if you found any information on lost ipods, i really need your help or anyone elses help. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

yeah i lost an ipod to. i was a one of my cross country meets and i just left my ipod shuffle on my bag(stupid idea) and when i got back it was gone. i have a waranty but i looked on the apple site and there is nothing about getting it back whens its plugged in. I want it back i was so mad. well if you have anymore info on me getting my ipod back post more please.

Evangeline de Lioncourt said...

You're not the only one. When i was about to get off my bus, i foolishly forgot to zip up my pocket, which had my iPod inside. When i was at my locker, it was GONE! Now, it's a week past that incident, and I'm still trying to find it. It also aggravates me that the person who has my iPod, didn't return it. I wish you guys luck. :/

Mari Anne said...

oh course there is the opposite. I found an ipod. No engraving of contact info. Nothing on the ipod itself to identify the owner. Nothing in the paper about a lost Ipod and no response to my ads about having found the ipod. How hard am I supposed to work to find the owner who may not even know where or when they lost it.

Nick Searching for Korlan said...

While browsing about lost iPods I came across this blog. My father found a black iPod nano 1G on his seat on a plane at Washington Dulles. I've been searching for this Korlan for weeks. No contact info, no email, just a first name and that's about it. Apple, Washington Dulles Airport, TSA, I've tried everything but I've had no luck. All I have been able to post is a couple ads, registered the SN on an iPod tracking site, even posted a photo on my Flickr. Hopefully I'll track down Korlan soon.