Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Stuart MacDonald to be speaking at FITC Toronto 2007

I just got the latest FITC Newsletter in my inbox and noticed that Mr. Stuart MacDonald was on the list of presenters! If you don't know Stuart (shame on you), he's the one who is responsible for starting Expedia.ca, and well as co-organizing the very successful mesh conference last May (as well as the upcoming one this May 30-31).

At first I was a bit surprised to see Stuart on the speaker list at a flash conference, but I'm assuming he's going to be talking about some of the business aspects. It'll be great to see one of my favourite mesh organizers speaking at two excellent events this spring (I'll be volunteering again, as I did last year), along with over 70 great speakers, among them flash guru Colin Moock and rock star flash designer Joshua Davis. No Dave Shea this year, though :( — looks like you'll have to go to Web Directions North or @media 2007 for that (and I really wanted to go see him, too...).

Shawn has left a comment saying that Stuart unfortunately won't be able to speak at FITC Toronto this year after all due to a scheduling conflict. Bummer :(

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Shawn said...

Just found out that Stuart unfortunately had to cancel his FITC Toronto talk due to a scheduling conflict. sorry.